Paul LeBreux & Son Ryan

Like many parents, I accompany my son to hockey and soccer and cheer proudly from the sidelines, but these sports lack a key component; they do not allow me to actively participate side by side with my son, Ryan and experience what he is experiencing and vice versa. We joined Florin’s Ultimate Martial Arts Centre in the summer of 2010 not knowing what to expect and with a certain degree of trepidation. Ryan was only 4 and I had never practiced martial arts. With several months now under our collective “Green Belts”, it is impossible to explain the pride and sheer enjoyment that I experience training with Ryan and watching him grow and develop under the watchful eye of a true master and now good friend – Master Florin Fratean. Tae Kwon Do is an art form, a sport and a discipline and an integral part of my life and hopefully Ryan’s for many years to come.

Paul LeBreux (Age: 45, Occupation: Lawyer/Businessman)
Ryan LeBreux (Age: 6, Occupation: anything he chooses)