Our Lead Instructors

Master Florin Fratean 7th Dan TKD Black Belt (ITF C-7-21)
Certified Muay Thai Professional Trainer-Kru (W.P.M.F) ,
Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  under Professor Ben Meireles BJJ Connection/BTT Canada

Training in martial arts since 1977

The original student of Gen.Choi Hong Hi and his son G.M. Choi Jung Hwa
Head Instructor of ITF World Trainig Centre Directed by Gen. Choi and G.M. J.H. Choi (1991-2001)
Pro-Taekwon-Do Canadian National Team Coach (Full Contact ITF League)
Head Coach of Canadian National Team 1997- 2003-07 and Canadian Junior National Team 2006
International Master and Examiner
Kickboxing/Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Instructor
Certified Conditioning and Personal Trainer

E-mail master@florins.ca

Master Florin Fratean is The original student of the late Gen. Choi Hong Hi Founder of Taekwon-Do (ITF) and his son G. Master Choi Jung Hwa. Master Florin is the former Head Instructor of the World Training Center of ITF, member and Capitan of Romanian Taekwon-Do National Team, five times full contact national champion, North American Champion, European, Balkan Silver and Bronze medalist, one of the most qualified Taekwon-Do Master/Instructor in the world. Master Florin was assisting Gen.Choi in seminars (Patterns, Sparring and Self-Defense) promoting TKD around the World (Canada, USA, Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala, England, Poland, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Japan etc.)

Master Florin F. Was the Head Coach of Canadian TKD National Team for over 10 years, and Professional Full Contact Coach (Kick Boxing-May Thai, MMA and Pro-Taekwon-Do) training and coaching many full contact fighters such as former UFC World Champion Carlos Newton, Wojtek Kaszowski and many fighters from Warriors MMA competing in UFC, IFL, Apex Canada and  Pro-Taekwon-Do League. Master Florin F. is training in martial arts since 1977, he has over 25 years experience in National and International competitions as a competitor and coach.

Trained European Kickboxing, North American Muay Thai and Tranditional Muay Thai in Canada and Thailand also Brazilian Jiu jitsu,judo, grappling for MMA under Carlos Newton, Professor Jonas Jr., Professor Vicente Jr. 4th Degree Black Belt and Professor Ben Meireles BJJ Connection/BTT Canada.


4th Degree Black Belt -TKD
Began Martial Arts at the age of 5
Multiple Canadian and North American Champion Member of Canadian National Team for over 5 years, competing at the World Championships in Australia, Bulgaria and Slovenia.
Doctor Asiza finished University of Medicine and Pharmacy UMF on July 2011


3rd Degree Black Belt-TKD
Over 20 years experience in Kids Martial Arts, Fitness and Kids After School Program
General Manager
TKD Instructor
Level 2 Muay Thai
Certified Conditioning and Personal Trainer